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Rethinking Safety & Health in Our Workplaces

Safety and health of our employees is top of mind right now.  The response to COVID-19 is making all of us rethink the way we handle safety and health in the workplace.  Use iSi as a resource to give you an outside perspective of what can be done, and a resource for getting it done.

Disinfecting Crews

iSi has cleaning crews available to clean and disinfect your facility for coronavirus or any hazardous material.

HVAC UV Light Systems

iSi can design and install custom UV light systems to disinfect your HVAC system of viruses, bacteria and mold.

Distance Learning & Onsite Training

iSi can conduct EHS training via online methods, or provide an onsite trainer to reduce employee travel exposures.

Worker Exposure Assessments

iSi can conduct sampling of employees for occupational exposures to cleaning chemicals, water systems, indoor air quality issues and more.

Gatekeeper Onsite Services

iSi can provide onsite personnel to assist with COVID-related activities such as temperature taking.

PPE Evaluations

iSi can provide assistance in strengthening your PPE disinfection procedures.

Cleaning Chemical Determinations

Not all disinfectants will work with all surfaces.  iSi can help you find EPA-approved disinfectants for all types of materials.

Airborne Bacteria Sampling

iSi can conduct air sampling of the effectiveness of your HVAC and cleaning systems in reducing airborne bacteria.


Return to Work Information

Check out our recent articles related to Return to Work issues:

photo representing companies need to be careful about what disinfecting materials they use

Disinfecting Your Workplace

It’s important to know the exposure, affectiveness, and legal ramifications of the disinfectant you choose to use at your faclility.

photo representing return to work issues with buildings water system safety issues

Stagnant Water in Your Water System

If your building has been closed up or has had limited occupancy, building water systems that have been sitting stagnant can provide a host of environmental and health issues.

photo representing pandemic plan for ISNetworld

Pandemic Preparedness Plan and Template

Here are ideas to help you get started in creating your own Pandemic Preparedness Plan. We also have a link to purchase our Word document plan template that will help save you some time.

covid complaints

COVID Employeee Complaints

OSHA is getting increased employee reports about COVID-related matters and so they’ve issued a inspection guidance to their inspectors. 

covid-19 possible osha recordable illness

COVID Recordables

In which instances would employee exposures to COVID-19 become an OSHA recordable?

Photo about UV lighting as a disinfectant

Working Safely With Bleach

UV lighting can be used as another tool in your arsenal to disinfect your facility. What is it, and how does this technology work? 

photo to represent EPA's enforcement during the COVID-19 disruption of business

EPA Enforcement During Shutdown

What is EPA doing regarding compliance enforcement during these times when businesses are shutdown or at reduced capacity?

working safely with bleach

Working Safely With Bleach

Bleach is one of those cleaners that experts have deemed acceptable for santizing surfaces.  Please review these bleach safety tips to ensure you and your workers are protected.

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