Asbestos Training

Kansas and Missouri Authorized Training

Asbestos training at iSi includes training for asbestos workers, supervisors, inspectors and management planners per EPA’s Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA), OSHA 1910.1001, and state regulations for Kansas and Missouri.  If you live in one of the areas covered by one of our other offices, please check your local state’s regulations for the possibility of reciprocity.  Our Asbestos Operations and Maintenance training is available for workers in all states.

Asbestos Worker Training

This asbestos training is for anyone conducting asbestos abatement activities with friable asbestos-containing building materials in a school or public and commercial building.

Management Planner

Asbestos training for anyone preparing management plans for schools is required to have this training.  Anyone preparing management plans for commercial and public buildings are not required to have accreditation per TSCA Title II, however these persons may find this class helpful in preparing to design or administer a facility’s asbestos operations and maintenance (O&M) plan.


For anyone inspecting for asbestos-containing building materials in schools or public and commercial buildings.

Project Designer

For anyone designing any of the following projects at a school which will disturb friable asbestos-containing materials including response action or maintenance activity other than a small scale, short duration activity or a major fiber release episode. This course is for designers of asbestos project specifications and asbestos abatement projects.


For anyone supervising asbestos abatement activities of friable asbestos-containing building materials in a school or public and commercial building.  This may include persons who provide supervision and direction to workers performing response actions or foremen, working foremen, or leadmen.

Operations and Maintenance

For all maintenance workers and school custodial staff who conduct any activities which may result in the disturbance of asbestos-containing building materials within the course of their duties.


What happens if I miss my annual refresher? Will I have to take the full class over again?

You have a 12-month grace period if you miss your refresher. After the 12-month grace period, you would have to take the initial course over again.  However, once you’re past your annual refresher date, you cannot practice that asbestos discipline until you receive your refresher.

Upcoming Classes

Wichita, KS (2022)

Initial: No additional classes scheduled for 2022 – Contact us for an onsite training quote.
Refresher:  Sept. 15; Oct. 5;  $200
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Initial: Oct. 17-21;  $625

Refresher:  Sept. 13; Oct. 4;  $200
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Initial: No additional classes scheduled for 2022 – Contact us for an onsite training quote.
Refresher: Sept. 14 [1-5 pm]; Nov. 3 [8 am-Noon];  $175
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Management Planner
Refresher [1 pm-5 pm]:  Nov. 3;  $175
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Operations & Maintenance
Initial:   Oct. 31-Nov. 1;  $300
Refresher [Choose 8 am to Noon or 1 pm-5 pm]: Sept. 14 [8-noon only]; Nov. 2;  $175
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Other Class Options

Can’t make it to one of our scheduled classes?  Need training for an entire group?  Check out our custom training options, including onsite, online, video and more!

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