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Diversity of Services

While many companies specialize in one or two disciplines, iSi brings a complete team.  We have the brains, the compliance experts from safety, environmental, industrial hygiene, and the brawn too with hands-on crews for facility and industrial support.  This gives you a one vendor resource for all things EHS.

Response and Flexibility

Our flexibility and responsive nature is one of the reasons why iSi has been so successful.  A diversely trained staff, our ability to add services when clients need them, a 24/7 attitude, good planning, the ability to find partners where needed, and cross-training are just a handful of the tools iSi uses in this.


We work hard to be good stewards of our clients’ resources.  This could be financial, time-based, or otherwise.  We work hard to find common sense solutions to meet the regulations.  We can help with prioritization as well.  We have been able to save clients hundreds to millions of dollars in some instances.

What our clients are saying

iSi has always been our “Go To” company for expert advice.   All the iSi personnel that help support Bombardier are Amazing!  

I just spent a whole day working with Amanda [Scheufler, Consulting Services Director] reviewing environmental documentation…I learned so much in just one day of being around her!  Amanda’s dedication, knowledge, and ability to work with others is unprecedented!  She addressed any/all issues found by contacting involved parties of the issues and getting them resolved.  She raised issues to upper management of potential problems that could cause the state to have concerns with the site’s processes.  Amanda is great at educating others of the law requirements and the importance of doing the right thing!  I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Amanda! 

Lance Kester

Bombardier Aerospace

iSi is customer-focused, responsive, and adaptable to changes in scope and schedule. They’re a good team to work with. iSi has both environmental and safety expertise as well as industrial teams on staff.  That diversity of capabilities and EHS knowledge has been very helpful. I have used iSi for work at facilities all across the U.S. and they cover the changes in regulations from state to state very well.  I recommend iSi for any EHS projects that you may have.

Ron Sorenson

REV Group

The first time I attended an iSi class was in the summer of 2006. I have attended many of their classes over the years. These folks are truly passionate about what they do!! I always recommend them to anyone looking for training. Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you again soon! It’s good to know we have a great partner in iSi.

Jason Mrkwa

(Formerly) Cobalt Boats

We are extremely happy with iSi’s professional service, wealth of inter-state knowledge, detailed auditing and reporting, and support for those findings.  We can’t express enough how much of a relief it was to have an audit that was educational and felt like we had gotten what we paid for but in actuality, we received more than what was paid for.  Curtis [Leiker, Project Manager] not only made sure we understood each one of his findings, but he also ensured we understood all of the options CKT had for achieving compliance.

CK Technologies

I just want to say thank you to your team. I was very impressed with you guys getting on site in short notice. It really got me out of a pinch and helped the project move forward. I will always keep you guys in mind for my future projects.

Keaton Houck

Wright Construction

Your adaptation and understanding of European theme based evaluations provided us precise and accurate recommendations. Our facility went from average – controlled scores to a “World Class” audit scored facility, which placed us in the top five of all Alstom Facilities throughout the world for Environmental, Health and Safety. More importantly however, you enhanced our knowledge and commitment to EHS for others in our industry to emulate. We sincerely thank your professional staff.     

Mark Nordell

Alstom Power

I have had very good experiences with the quality and flexibility of services from iSi over the past 10 years. iSi has been customer service focused in my experience. They have been one of my most responsive and dependable vendors over the years. They have been professional and responsive.

Troy Williams

Case New Holland

iSi helped us with a difficult tank clean-up.  We had polymerized material in our tank that needed to be removed and the tank needed to be restored to production condition.  They immediately responded to our needs on short notice and stayed on the job until it was complete. This was a difficult time consuming task.  They are experts in what they do and know how to get results.

Chemence, Inc.

I always enjoy iSi’s classes!  iSi has a lot of great, above grade people on their staff!   iSi’s instructors are all very, very knowledgeable, and they break down the regulations and requirements to a level where everyone can understand them.  I’ve been coming to iSi for my training for 5 or 6 years and I learn something new every time.  You have a lot of great people here and they want to make sure we learn what we’re supposed to.  I’d love to work in a company like this with such great people.

Steve Klein

Crestwood, Inc.


The safety of all employees is critical. Safety is important to your company and it’s important to iSi as well. Like you, we want to make sure our employees go home safely at the end of each day.  iSi uses a number of behavior-based safety initiatives.  We are either a member of or have experience with the following third-party safety prequalification programs:






PEC Safety

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