RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Training

per 40 CFR Parts 260-279

Hazardous waste training for facility managers and environmental engineers per 40 CFR Parts 260-279 and per state and EPA guidelines.  This class covers EPA and state hazardous waste requirements, good management practices and available resources. It fulfills Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) training requirements for hazardous waste generators.

Please note, because hazardous waste regulations vary from state to state, our scheduled courses will be covering specific state regulations.  Please see the schedule for the states covered.  If you do not see your state regulations covered, please contact iSi for more information about our custom onsite/online training where we can do a class just for your company on the regulations you’re affected by.

Our Hazardous Waste Management and RCRA Refresher classes are geared for those who managed the RCRA compliance at your facility.  Individual workers may only need a shorter hazardous waste handler training course. Separate waste handler training can be done through iSi’s custom training program.

Hazardous Waste Management

This class focuses on the overall management of your hazardous waste program.  This class serves as initial hazardous waste training for those who manage the facility’s hazardous waste program.   Topics include hazardous waste identification, generator standards, weekly inspections, sampling and analysis, spill and contingency planning, used oil requirements, universal waste and more.

RCRA Refresher

This course meets the RCRA requirement for annual retraining.  This training for those who have had previous RCRA training and are hazardous waste program managers.  Topics include hazardous waste identification, generator standards, used oil, universal waste, inspections, and more.


Does this training certify me to sign hazardous waste manifests?

No, this class focuses on the EPA hazardous waste regulations and safe handling and labeling of hazardous waste.  Because signing hazardous waste manifests is a transportation function, it is covered under the regulations of the Department of Transportation.  To learn more about our training for this, Go to DOT training.

What training do I need to have to sign hazardous waste manifests?

You will need both DOT and RCRA training.  The Hazardous Waste Management and RCRA Refresher classes cover the requirements of EPA and state regulations regarding your hazardous waste program.  Although transportation of hazardous waste is briefly covered, it’s not sufficient enough to qualify someone to transport hazardous waste because the transportation portion is covered by an entirely separate agency, DOT.  DOT has separate training and content requirements which would increase the duration of the hazardous waste class significantly so we hold this class separately.  Refresher requirements for EPA RCRA training is annually while DOT’s is every three years.

What's the difference between HAZWOPER and RCRA Hazardous Waste Management?

HAZWOPER is an OSHA requirement that covers protection of workers responding to hazardous materials spills.  RCRA Hazardous Waste Management is an EPA-based requirement that covers proper management of hazardous waste (generation, transportation, treatment, storage or disposal) and its effects on the environment.  So depending on your operations and your job duties, you may need training in one, the other or both.  HAZWOPER training can often satisfy the requirements of EPA’s RCRA hazardous waste regulations to have spill training, but typical RCRA Hazardous Waste Management training will NOT satisfy OSHA HAZWOPER.

What happens if I miss my annual refresher? Will I have to take the full class over again?

Refreshers are due annually.  We recommend you register for the next available class.

Upcoming Classes

Wichita, KS [2022]

Covers Kansas and Missouri State Regulations

HazWaste Mgmt:  Sept. 22-23, Dec. 1-2;  $525
RCRA Refresher (IN-PERSON):  Aug. 19, Sept. 1, Sept. 23, Oct. 13, Nov. 4, Dec. 2, Dec. 16;  $250
RCRA Refresher (ONLINE):  Aug. 5, Oct. 5, Nov. 17, Dec. 13; $250

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Tulsa, OK [2022]

Covers Oklahoma State Regulations

HazWaste Mgmt (Online): Nov. 3, $250
RCRA Refresher (Online):  Nov. 3, $250

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Atlanta, GA [2022]

Covers Georgia State Regulations

HazWaste Mgmt (Online):  Sept. 29, $250
RCRA Refresher (Online):  Sept. 29, $250

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Kansas City [2022]

Covers Kansas and Missouri State Regulations

RCRA Refresher (Online):  Aug. 5, Oct. 5, Nov. 17, Dec. 13; $250
This class will also be held at our iSi Wichita, KS office if you’d rather watch in-person.

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Omaha, NE [2022]

Covers Nebraska State Regulations

HazWaste Mgmt (Online):  Sept. 28, $250
RCRA Refresher (Online):  Sept. 28, $250
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Other Class Options

Can’t make it to one of our scheduled classes?  Need training for an entire group?  Check out our custom training options, including onsite, online, video and more!

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