asbestos abatement

iSi Industrial Services is a sister company to iSi Environmental, and the division which conducts asbestos removal in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, and industrial lead abatement, mold abatement and industrial cleaning in many more locations.


Removal, Disposal and Maintenance

With a highly-experienced, highly-trained staff, iSi is able to tackle numerous projects at once, both large and small.  Our projects range from small floor tile abatements to daily maintenance on an oil refinery to managing the entire asbestos program for a manufacturing facility encompassing over 9 million sf.  No project is too big or too small and we work hard to be competitively priced.

Turnaround Support

On numerous occasions, our crews have conducted abatements during turnarounds at oil refineries, chemical plants and other facilities.  This requires detailed planning and large amounts of work under short time schedules. iSi has the ability to increase our labor force to meet your project deadlines.

Demolition Support

Demolition projects often include asbestos removal prior to the actual demolition.  We have a lot of experience in this situation, recently conducting all asbestos abatement of airport terminals prior to their demolitions.

A photo of an asbestos inspector conducting asbestos inspections and third-party asbestos sampling.


Our asbestos inspectors work with building owners, architects, engineers and construction companies and identify asbestos-containing materials prior to renovation or demolition.  We also conduct asbestos inspections and surveys to give you locations, quantities, and a condition report to help you manage your asbestos.  We can also help you label asbestos-containing materials and conduct required re-inspections.

A photo of an iSi environmental scientist preparing an asbestos operations and maintenance plan and an asbestos report.


If you are renovating a building, iSi can design the asbestos abatement that will needed and prepare the formal asbestos abatement specifications to be inserted into the project construction specifications. 

We can also help you develop your facility’s Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan.

A photo of iSi Industrial Services' asbestos abatement project at an oil refinery.


iSi’s asbestos sampling teams can be on hand to conduct asbestos air monitoring of construction contractors for your protection and theirs, required final air monitoring clearance sampling, and analysis via polarized light microscopy (PLM).

For your convenience, iSi is currently maintaining registrations in ISNetworld, Avetta, ComplyWorks & First, Verify.  We have past experience in PEC Safety and Veriforce as well.


From survey to abatement, iSi can help facility operators, building owners, managers and maintenance personnel identify hazards and ensure building components are properly maintained or remediated. 
We can assist you with…

Lead Removal at Industrial Facilities (non-housing)

Lead-Based Paint Inspections

Written Lead Safety Programs

Construction and Renovation Lead Air Monitoring

Lead Abatement Specifications


When it comes to mold, we can find it, sample it, verify that it is indeed mold and then get rid of it for you.

Mold is one of the most prevalent causes of poor indoor air quality and employee health complaints.  Cleanup of areas which are significantly impacted by mold requires techniques similar to those used by the asbestos industry — personal protection for the workers, air filtration and proper disposal of contaminated materials. Mold, unlike asbestos, can grow back if the remediation is insufficient or done carelessly. It’s a living organism that will continue to reproduce as long as building conditions permit. Improper handling can actually spread the spores, making the problem worse. And improper cleanup techniques may disturb other materials like asbestos or lead paint.

iSi’s crews are well experienced in remediating mold, returning your building to a space where your workers can work without health issues.

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