Process Safety Management (PSM)

Providing safety expertise and assistance to help you comply with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard.

We’ve Got the 14 Elements of PSM Compliance Covered

Employee Participation

iSi can help you determine and facilitate how to incorporate employees into your process.


Process Safety Information

iSi can help you determine the hazards involved with the process with industrial hygiene evaluations, process chemistry and arranging for equipment engineering safety determinations.


Process Hazard Analysis

iSi can work with your onsite teams to conduct and document a process hazard analysis.


Operating Procedures

iSi’s safety professionals can work with your plants to develop written operating procedures for your normal and turnaround operations, shutdowns, safety systems and safe work practices.


iSi can help you develop PSM-specific presentations, online modules or videos as well as provide trainers to conduct the training.


iSi can help you coordinate contractor PSM responsibilities by gathering the necessary safety data from your contractors, communicating PSM hazards and working with them to get their own programs in place.


Pre-Startup Safety Review

iSi can help you develop or reviewed before a new facility is started up or after your facility is modified.

Mechanical Integrity

iSi can coordinate with engineers on mechanical integrity written procedures and deficiency corrections.

Hot Work Permits

iSi’s safety team can develop your hot work permit process and template permits.

Management of Change

iSi’s safety team can help you analyze the impact of changes on the safety and health of your employees, and then conduct the training or develop the training for you.


Incident Investigation

iSi can be your third-party incident investigation team, or help you develop an incident investigation process.

Emergency Planning and Audits

An Emergency Action Plan, and likely a HAZWOPER Emergency Response Plan will need to be developed for your facility.  iSi’s safety team, can help you prepare both.

Compliance Audits

iSi can conduct your required 3-year compliance evaluation to verify PSM practices are adequate and being followed.


Trade Secrets

iSi can help you determine the best way to communicate what you’re required to communicate to your employees and investigators.

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PSM Audits and Required Evaluations

If you are a PSM facility, you’re required to evaluate your compliance every 3 years. The audit should make sure all PSM requirements are being followed, identify elements that need special attention, review pertinent documentation, including an onsite inspection of the physical facilities, include interviews of plant personnel to determine awareness/knowledge of PSM requirements, safety procedures, and emergency procedures, and then include a mechanism to record deficiencies.

iSi is ready to help you with the following assistance:

Audit Team and Team Members

iSi’s safety team can conduct the entire audit, providing an independent evaluation of your PSM compliance, or we can provide auditors to supplement your own in-house team to give an additional outside perspective.

Pre and Post-Audit Assistance

If your corporate offices conduct the audit or bring in another auditor, we can help you get prepared before that audit by taking a look at any gaps or deficienicies or help you fix any findings post-audit.

Learn More About PSM

photo depicting what is psm osha's process safety management

What is PSM? What Are the Requirements?

Learn more about the PSM standard and the 14 elements of compliance on the iSi blog!

PSM compliance audits are due every three years for facilities who are required to have process safety management certification

PSM Compliance Audits

What are PSM Compliance Audits?  How often are the required, and what do you need to include?

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