EHS Compliance Audit

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Audit

These are just a few areas where non-compliance with EHS regulations might get you into trouble

Worksite hazards
Lack of reporting
Employee training
Personal protective equipment
Air quality
Wastewater & stormwater
Hazardous waste
Spill prevention
Storage tanks
Emergency planning
OSHA record keeping
Industrial hygiene

Identify potential hazards and make sure your company lives up to OSHA and EPA standards

Prevent incidents, injuries, and even fatalities on-site

Avoid hefty fines, legal action, and loss of credibility

Stay away from abrupt time losses and lingering shutdowns

Help prevent production disruptions and unexpended investments

Keep your workforce and environment safe and healthy

Maintain an upstanding public image

Our team understands the challenges you face

As an industry leader, we ensure your compliance and regulations are fully met, whilst keeping you informed of the latest changes and how they affect your business. Let us put our expertise to work for you.


years in the market


audits completed


combined years of expertise

Our independent OSHA and EPA compliance audits let your business work and grow trouble-free

We use the industry’s best practices to identify potential risks, cost saving opportunities, as well as, improve you company’s performance and bottom line


Hands-on industry experience

Our staff has worked in the industry before joining the consulting ranks, experienced a variety of corporate cultures, and understands what it takes to participate in organizational changes and get them implemented


All-round compliance expertise

We are a true one-stop shop that provides integrated solutions in the realm of compliance, and we not only expertly perform EHS audits but also assist with getting ready for ISO 45001 or 14001 certification


Knowledge & solution sharing

Our consultants do their best sharing useful insights and prioritizations instead of just “auditing” where you typically only hear what’s wrong and it’s up to you to figure out the corrective actions or solutions


3-tier access inclusive

Our experience shows that good compliance across the extensive OSHA & EPA regulations requires the ability to provide three tiers in one, and we use this advanced approach to assure you that no details are missed


100% personalized

We take a great amount of time to understand your business in order to provide truly customized compliance solutions that deliver what you actually need, not just a template that everyone else gets


On-site & virtual audits

If arranging a typical walkthrough is complicated, we can conduct virtual audits via Zoom or Microsoft Teams – moreover, we even have AR glasses to send to our customers in order to take a proper look at their facility

Request a free consultation with our expert today

EHS compliance is ever changing and time consuming. Sometimes it might just be impossible to keep track of every detail on your own, but even the slightest oversight might prove costly for your business.Our dedicated team of experts is here to help – just get in touch with us now, and we’ll do our best to advise you on how to bring your EHS compliance to perfection soon.

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