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T-Mobile for Business has added two new workplace safety technology products geared to make workplaces safer.  Each one also has features to help provide solutions related to recent concerns with workplace health.  The first product is a “smart” hard hat by Guardhat.  The other is a contactless temperature device for people entering crowded or confined spaces.  Both devices will take advantage of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE connectivity.


Guardhat utilizes sensors that let you know where the worker is at all times and what conditions they are working in order to analyze that data.  It also allows for audio and video communications so that you can see what they see and communicate back and forth with a central control center.

Some of the features include:

  • Location: Geofencing sensors track where Guardhat wearers are at, at all times.  Persons at a central control center can see where they are on a map.  Wearers can be alerted when they’re getting too close to hazards such as moving equipment, lockout/tagout areas, working areas like trenches or equipment drop zones and other dangers.   Sensors can be placed on all types of equipment and other assets so it can be tracked as well.
  • Communications: Guardhat wearers can communicate with the control center through voice and video capabilities.
  • Environment Monitoring: The hat will sense gases, noise, temperature and pressure issues and sound an alert until the worker gets to a safe location.   Persons at the control center will be able to use the camera on the hat and the locating sensors to help guide the worker to safety, if needed.
  • Physical Monitoring: The hat monitors vital stats and if it senses something is medically wrong with a worker wearing one, it will send an alert to other Guardhat users in the area and then will contact emergency medical services.
  • Fall Detection: The hat will sense when a worker has fallen and will alert other wearers in the area as well as emergency services.
  • Social Distancing: Location sensors can also be setup to ensure workers are working 6 feet from each other for social distancing purposes.

Guardhat is good for workers in areas with a number of hazards around them as well as workers who work alone in isolated areas.

PIMMAP Contactless Temperature Solution

The PIMMAP Contactless Temperature Solution is an 8-inch HD tablet that is an infrared camera and contactless temperature sensor.   It can be mounted to stands, kiosks or stations in places like schools, offices, arenas, factories, stores, hospitals, etc.

A person will stand in front of the device and it will use its infrared camera and facial recognition features to take temperatures at accuracy readings +/- 0.36 degrees F.   Facial recognition technology will also scan for signs of fatigue, watery eyes, and other flu-like symptoms.

Readings can be taken from 3-5 feet from the device and can scan 40 persons per minute.  An alert will come up on the screen if the temperature is too high.

The data for the device can be transferred to cloud servers and they can send push notifications.  They can also be worked on and troubleshot remotely.  If there’s no internet access where the device is located, it has its own 4G LTE router.

To learn more about these workplace safety technology devices, check out T-Mobile’s news release about them here.

Tami Hadley
Tami Hadley


Tami Hadley

Marketing Director | Project Manager, E-Training Solutions

Tami has been with iSi for over 24 years.  During this time, she has enjoyed helping promote regulations compliance awareness and education through her involvement with iSi Training and through leadership roles with industry conferences and professional organizations.

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