The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) has replaced its Multi-Sector General Stormwater Permit with a new version which is effective July 5, 2017. This permit governs the stormwater activities of industrial facilities and makes a number of changes from its previous permit, issued in 2011.

Any company authorized under the 2011 permit will need to reapply to ODEQ for a new authorization within the next 90 days, that is, before October 3, 2017. This includes revising the facility’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3), submitting a new Notice of Intent, and submitting application fees.

Any company must have authorization from ODEQ prior to discharging stormwater from industrial activities. Allowable and non-allowable activities have been updated in the new permit as well as limits, types of facilities, types of activities, and covered discharges. Other changes include clarified NOI requirements, procedures for permit coverage, control measures and effluent limits, and conditions which need corrective action.

Two additional monitoring requirements have been added: impaired waters monitoring, which is to occur once per year, and “other monitoring” which is additional monitoring ODEQ can require for your facility.

There have been eight changes to the SWP3 requirements as well. Among those, permittees must now describe the type and location of the control measures chosen to comply with effluent levels as well as how they chose each of those measures. The SWP3 must also document the evaluation process for the presence of any unauthorized non-stormwater discharges and include a certification.

For more information regarding the 26 overall changes incorporated into new permit, for help in sorting out how this updated regulation will affect your facility, or for assistance in updating your plan before the deadline approaches, please contact our team and we’d be happy to assist you.

We can help update your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and file NOIs. Contact us today!

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