Photo of iSi's Consulting Services Manager

Nikki Chavez, CHMM – iSi’s Consulting Services Manager

iSi’s Consulting Services Manager, Nikki Chavez, CHMM, presented “Lessons Learned:  The Most Common Issues and Gaps Found in Environmental Compliance Audits” at the Chattanooga Regional Manufacturer’s Association Annual EHS Summit.

Environmental audits can serve as a useful tool when looking to identify gaps, or even a starting point, for new and existing facilities. Nikki has conducted over 80 environmental audits at industrial facilities.  She is also an ISO 14001 Certified Lead Auditor. In this presentation, Nikki identifies the most common environmental gaps and trouble points she’s observed in the areas of waste, water, air and overall compliance.

The CRMA EHS Summit brings together professionals engaged in creating and apply new methods to address and resolve environmental issues in various fields.  Learn more at  If you could not make it to the conference, get the highlights on our previous blog post.

Environmental audits can help you determine where you stand on EPA and state compliance.  Let iSi help you find the gaps in your program! 

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