With stay-at-home orders mandated in many states, counties and cities across the U.S. due to the COVID-19 breakout, business operations have been dramatically affected – including environmental, health and safety training (EHS training).  Unless otherwise noted by regulatory agencies, compliance requirements are still required to be followed.  To help our clients stay compliant for the duties they’re performing iSi has electronic training options to help you make sure you maintain your certifications. 

With many business operations disrupted, this may actually be a very good time to get your required training taken care of for the year.

Viewing Options — How It Works

iSi can provide electronic EHS training in a number of ways.  One interactive option is our live instructor-led training that’s given through web conferencing.  Our online system allows for students to view slides and the instructor, ask questions both via audio and privately in a questions window, chat with other students in a chat room, respond to polls, download handouts, and take notes within the system that they can have emailed to them.  This provides interactive learning and because it’s live, questions can still be asked of the instructor. 

Need to watch at your convenience? iSi also has the ability to record presentations through the system and provide you a link so that your workers can watch on their own time.  These two options may be the best for training conducted now, but we provide longer term solutions such as slides with voiceover that can be used at your own schedule, produced videos, and even online modules with tests that can be imported into your learning management system.

March and April Scheduled Classes Moved Online

We currently have moved our scheduled March and April DOT and RCRA training classes online in order to help those registered stay certified.  DOT is especially strict about letting workers sign off on hazardous materials shipments past training deadlines, as it’s forbidden.  We have the following classes available for registration:

DOT Refresher:  March 27
DOT (Initial Training):  April 23-24
RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Refresher:  April 17

Our asbestos classes were not able to be moved to online methods due to our licensing requirements with the state of Missouri.  They do not allow electronic training alternatives.

Other Classes Available

iSi can provide a variety of other electronic EHS training classes covering OSHA general safety, EPA compliance, and DOT, IATA and IMDG hazmat shipping.  Contact us today to see how we can help you and maybe take care of some of your EHS training over the next few weeks. 

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