Photo of iSi's Manager of Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Scott Smith, CSP – iSi’s Manager of Safety and Industrial Hygiene

iSi’s Manager of Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Scott Smith, CSP presented “Lessons Learned: The Most Common Issues and Gaps Found in Safety Compliance Audits” at the 2017 Kansas Safety & Health Conference.

Safety audits and inspections can serve as a useful tool when looking to identify gaps, or even a starting point, for new and existing facilities.  Scott Smith, CSP, as a safety consultant and ISO 18001 lead auditor, has conducted over 80 safety audits at industrial facilities.  In this presentation, he identified the most commonly found safety gaps and trouble points he’s observed.   Do you have these at your facility too and what do you need to do to correct them?

The Kansas Safety & Health Conference is held annually in the September/October time frame.  Learn more about the conference at

Is your facility compliant with OSHA regulations?  Scott Smith can help you find out. 

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