Did you know anyone who signs a haz waste manifest on behalf of your company is required to have DOT training?

We come across many companies who have overlooked this important requirement, especially if their haz waste transporter is filling out all the paperwork for them.  Your hazardous waste is covered under EPA regulations, but once it’s sent for transportation, it becomes a hazardous material and is subject to DOT regulations.

Under DOT, your company is the shipper, not the hazardous waste transporter.  Even if the person signing the manifest doesn’t complete any of the shipping paperwork, (that is, if the transporter prepares it), as soon as he or she signs it, they become legally responsible for that shipment.  With their signature, they’re certifying everything has been packaged correctly, labeled correctly and that the forms have been filled out correctly.  Per DOT, this cannot occur without proper training.

Thus, in addition to hazardous waste training, the person signing your manifest needs DOT training.  This requirement can be satisfied through our Ground Hazardous Materials (DOT) Transportation course.  Visit our training page for dates, times and pricing.

iSi can help your company with haz waste and DOT compliance! Check us out!

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