Photo of James Overheul from iSi Environmental

James Overheul
iSi Project Manager

iSi Project Manager James Overheul presented “Manufacturing Plant Safety and the Downstream Impact on Sales” at this year’s Petroleum Packaging Council national conference and tradeshow.

Company safety and injury statistics are increasingly becoming a tool for companies when choosing the vendors and suppliers they want to work with.  Safety is now looked at in pre-qualification reviews, annual contract updates, in publically-available data, and in other locations.  Now more than ever, your company’s safety record can affect your bottom line not only from the impact of worker’s compensation, but in being chosen as a supplier in the first place. In this presentation, James explains what manufacturers need to look for, which statistics are most important and what they can do to improve their record.

This year’s Petroleum Packaging Council was in Tampa, Florida from March 4-6.

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Your company’s safety record can affect your business bottom line.  Let iSi help you find the gaps in your program! 

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