The National Safety Council (NSC) has reviewed OSHA’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget and within its budget justification section, NSC has found a number of items which give an insight into what will be OSHA priorities starting this fall through next year.  They include:

  • Revisions to fit-testing procedures;
  • Revisions to the recordkeeping rule;
  • Updated Hazard Communication Standard;
  • Final Rule on Beryllium for General Industry;
  • Crane operator certification revisions to the Cranes and Derrick Standard;
  • Including ANSI Consensus standards in the Powered Industrial Truck Section;
  • Standards improvements and educational material development; and,
  • Additional employees for enforcement, outreach and the Voluntary Protection Program.

President Trump’s budget proposal would eliminate the Chemical Safety Board and the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program.  OSHA’s budget justification seeks to keep the Chemical Safety Board and emphasizes its importance to preventing loss of life and injuries from chemical accidents.  With the money from the elimination of the Susan Harwood Training Grant, they would like to use that in other ways to develop training materials to reach large audiences.

Read more about the NSC’s research here:

Regulatory Agenda
Cuts to CSB and Harwood Grant


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