If you are a contractor to large refineries and manufacturers like we are, you are likely a member of one or more safety oversight companies like ISNetworld. Recently clients have been asking contractors to upload a Pandemic Preparedness Plan for ISNetworld, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Other non-ISNetworld clients may have also been doing the same, or you as a safety professional may have been thinking about what your company should develop. Using ISNetworld’s program questionnaire can help any company determine what should be included in a plan and give a place to start.

The following are the topics covered by the questionnaire for the current Pandemic Preparedness Plan for ISNetworld. Even if ISNetworld doesn’t apply to you, this may give you some ideas for best practices:

1.  Assignment of Ownership

Who is going to be in charge of carrying out the plan? Who is on that team and how is it decided?

2.  Hand Washing Facilities, Cleansers and Other Hygiene Items

What hand washing facilities will be available to your employees? What other sanitizing products will be available (i.e., hand sanitizers, disposable towels, etc.). In this section you could also cover personal protective materials to be provided as well.

3.  Periodic Training

Periodic training should be conducted regarding illness prevention and spread of disease. It should also communicate your policies regarding illness. At what frequency will they be conducted, and who will do (or be responsible for) that training.

4.  Work From Home Policy

What is your company policy regarding working from home, or staying at home when an employee is ill or taking care of an ill family member.

5.  Continuance of Operations

What is your company’s strategy for continuing operations if a large percentage of your staff becomes ill? What’s your plan for maintaining operations during quarantine or stay at home orders?

6.  Immunizations

Does your company encourage employees to get proper immunizations? 

7.  Communications

How are employee and internal communications conducted? 

8.  Gatherings

Does your company limit large or crowded gatherings during outbreaks or increased disease levels? What does that look like?

9.  Cleaning

What is your strategy for cleaning workplace surfaces and equipment?  

10.  Reviews and Testing

How will this plan be tested? How often will it be reviewed? Who is responsible for doing so?

11.  Lessons Learned

What is your process for implementing lessons learned? How will that be done, and who will do it?

Writing the Plan

Hopefully this gives you a start on creating your own Pandemic Plan. If you do not have the time nor the labor right now to do this, let us help! We have written these Pandemic Preparedness Plans for ISNetworld compliance and for our own company.  Contact us today for pricing!

Save Time With Our Template!

If you need help getting started, we have a template plan for you to purchase for $100.  Click below to buy and download this Microsoft Word document now.


Does this apply to your company?  Do you have questions?  Contact us!

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