Fall Equipment Inspections

iSi conducts required routine fall protection equipment inspections for our clients companies.  Let us give you that 3rd party eye, and get this task off your to-do list.

If your company uses DBI-SALA self-retracting lifelines, you may be subject to a recall.  3M has issued a stop use recall on the DBI-SALA Twin-Leg Nano-Lok edge and the Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Wrap self-retracting lifelines.  If you have any of these, stop using them immediately and take them out of service.  All models manufactured since 2013 are affected.

Although no injuries have occurred yet, 3M has found that the energy absorbers may not properly deploy, which could result in serious injury or death.

What are Self-Retracting Lifelines?

Self-retracting lifelines are part of a fall protection system. They are placed above a worker’s head and work much like seat belts do.  They pull out and retract, but when tugged or a force is applied, an internal mechanism acts as a brake to shorten the distance of a fall.  Both of the affected DBI-SALA models are used to connect two self-retracting lifelines under the D-ring of a fall protection harness.  The edge model anchors at foot level and the Wrap Back wraps around the anchor. 

I’m Affected by the Recall – Now What?

If you have one of these models, you can either return it to 3M to be fixed, repaired, or replaced at 3M’s expense.  If 3M has not been able to determine a fix or a certified solution for your particular model, you may choose to send it back for a $200 refund. Once repair solutions are determined, and model SKU numbers have been certified, the cash option will not be available.  As of August 8, 2019, 3M has only found a fix for the edge model, not the Wrap-Back. 

For the edge model, 3M announced a fix had been certified to ANSI standard Z359.14 about 2 weeks after the recall notice.  Once the unit has been repaired, it will have a green checkmark on the front label.  This fix will only be available in regions that recognize the ANSI standard as a regulatory certification.  If you are located in an area where additional certifications are required for fall protection devices, 3M will be working to receive those certifications.

3M specifies that until it can fix your Nano-Lok edge models, none of its other twin-leg self-retracting lifelines are approved for use over sharp edges or abrasive edges.  That was the key feature of the edge model.

Get the Recall Notice

To learn more about this recall and to see if your model numbers are affected, check out the recall website at https://www.nanolokedgerecall.com/.

Required Fall Equipment Inspections

When was the last time you had your fall protection devices inspected?  Did you know iSi conducts the required routine fall equipment inspections for a number of our clients?  Let us give you a different pair of eyes in inspection, and help you check this requirement off your to-do list!  Contact us today!

When was the last time you inspected your fall protection equipment?  Let us do that for you — Contact us today!

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