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What is Safe + Sound Week?

OSHA has designated August 15-19, 2022 as Safe + Sound Week.  It’s held each August to recognize workplace safety and health programs and to create awareness for worker safety, and OSHA provides a wide variety of resources, social media tools and other information to help you celebrate.

The Safe + Sound effort is focused on encouraging workplaces to have a safety and health program.  It says that your program needs to have three main goals:  Worker Participation, Management Leadership and a process for Finding and Fixing Hazards.  OSHA provides a wide variety of resources on its Safe + Sound website for each one of these areas to help you reach this goal.  These tools are available all throughout the year.  The Safe + Sound Week is an opportunity to highlight the successes you have been able to accomplish, and at the very least, give you a way to promote safety to your company and to the public.

Below is a list of tools available both to help you bring awareness during Safe + Sound week, and to help you strengthen your program throughout the year.

Resources:  Safe + Sound Week

OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week website gives you a wide variety of resources to help plan, promote and celebrate Safe + Sound Week to your employees and to the public.

Some of these resources include:

  • Register your company nationally as a participant and see who else from your state is participating
  • Examples of workplace events and activities to have at your facility
  • Shareable logos and badges
  • Social media toolkits and photo and content frames
  • Safety and Health Matters to Me thought bubbles for employees to complete
  • Banners for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Virtual meeting (Zoom) backgrounds
  • Shareable images that can be used for posters, bulletin board posts, or inclusion in your safety newsletters

Resources:  Strengthening Your Program Throughout the Year

OSHA’s Safe + Sound campaign website offers a number of educational flyers and guidance documents to help you strengthen your program throughout the year.   Some of these include:

  • Free webinars
  • OSHA Safety and Health Program Recommended Practices manual
  • ASSP Guidance Manual:  Keep Your People Safe in Smaller Organizations
  • Guidance documents and ideas
  • Worker participation worksheets and Better Safety Conversations worksheet
  • Leadership worksheets and challenge activities
  • Management safety pledge
  • Find and fix hazard identification tools

Certificate of Completion 

If your company would like to participate in Safe + Sound Week, you can sign up at https://www.osha.gov/safeandsoundweek/.  Your company will be added to the list of participating companies for your state.  Afterwards, you can download a certificate and a virtual challenge coin to recognize your organization.


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