Photo of James Overheul from iSi Environmental

James Overheul
iSi Manager of Safety & Industrial Hygiene

iSi’s Manager of Safety and Industrial Hygiene, James Overheul will be presenting “The Safety Prequalification: Where Sales and Safety Meet” at the 69th Annual Kansas Safety and Health Conference.

In recent years, you may have seen an influx of companies requiring safety data to be included within vendor prequalification documentation. Some companies use online programs such as ISNetworld and Avetta, and others have their own programs. These programs can be used to weed out vendors on the basis of safety performance, causing a bad safety record to affect your ability to do business. James will discuss the common safety statistics used in grading, methods for improving performance, and ideas on how to use these programs to boost safety support from upper management.

James will also be participating as a panelist in the open forum question and answer general session “Learning From Each Other, An Interactive Panel Discussion.”

This year’s Kansas Safety and Health Conference will be in Wichita on October 2-3, 2018.

If you’d like to see this presentation, or another safety or environmental-related presentation at your next conference, seminar or event, please email us or give us a call at (888) 264-7050.

Your company’s safety record can affect your business bottom line.  Let iSi help you find the gaps in your program! 

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